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buy cast fifth wheel

Do you know where to buy cast fifth wheel online?

Except for Alibaba、ebay and Amazon,maybe you can choose us.one of China top ten cast fifth wheel manufacturers.

We have four model cast fifth wheel.

(1)H3510 Casting Fifth Wheel

(2)J3800 Casting Fifth Wheel

(3)37C Casting Fifth Wheel

(4)38C Casting Fifth Wheel

cast fifth wheel

cast fifth wheel Features:

1. The compensation for worn clearance will be larger and the operation will be easy because of the use of fulcrum displacement amplification mechanism.

2. The products are manufactured and inspected stricty according to the Standar d JT/T475-2002, that are qualified after inspected and tested by the National Automobile Quality Supercision&Test Center.

3. The specialized production lines for pressing and welding, rust-removing and painting, heat treatment, and assembling.

4. The fifth wheels with different structures, heights and swing angles can be manufactured according to the users'demands.

5. The spare parts(repairing kit)have good interchangeability that will enjoy perfect afrer-sale service.

cast fifth wheel

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